1200 Old Stage Road
Centerville, Massachusetts 02632

Courtesy of Christ Chapel;  Christ Chapel

Austin Organs, Inc. Hartford, Connecticut Opus 1748
Relocated from the Connecticut Institute for the Blind
Redesigned, refurbished and a new set of pipes added by Austin Organs, Inc.
Hartford, Connecticut
Installed at Christ Chapel by The McNeely Church Organ Company
Waterford, Connecticut

Two manuals and Pedal
Manuals Compass: 61 notes
Pedal Compass: 32 notes
Austin patent electro pneumatic key action
Electro pneumatic stop action

Organ Specifications


8' Open Diapason (removed)
8' Violincello (removed)
8' Melodia (removed)
8' Dulciana (removed)
8' Principal (NEW)
8' Hohl Flute (NEW)
8' Dolce (NEW)
4' Octave (NEW)
4' Night Horn (NEW)
2' Fifteenth (NEW)
8' Trumpet
Mixture III (NEW)
Harp (removed)
(enclosed with swell stops)
Chimes (Mayland) (NEW)


16' Open Diapason (ext)
16' Bourdon (ext) (removed)
16' Gedeckt (NEW)
8' Flute
8' Violincello
8' Octave (NEW)
8' Gedeckt (NEW)
4' Octave (NEW)
Night Horn (GREAT) (NEW)


8' Open Diapason (removed)
8' Stopped Diapson (removed)
8' Salicional
8' Vox Celeste
8' Gedeckt (NEW)
4' Harmonic Flute
4' Principal (NEW)
8' Oboe (removed)
8' Vox Humana (removed)
1 1/3' Quint (NEW)
Chimes (removed)
(from Harp)


Great Sub.
Great Unison
Great Octave
Swell to Great Sub.
Swell to Great Unison
Swell to Great Octave
Swell Sub.
Swell Unison
Swell Octave
Great to Pedal Unison
Swell to Pedal Unison
Swell to Pedal Octave

Courtesy of Austin Organs, Inc.;  Austin Organs, Inc.

A picture of the Austin organ when it was first installed at Christ Chapel.

The organ console was completely rebuilt and new wiring installed throughout. Then, the
entire surface was bleached and refinished to match the woodwork in the sanctuary. The
chancel area was modified to include the addition of a two-story organ chamber, which
allowed for heating and air circulating equipment. Incorporated in the design was the central
cross, flanked on both sides by upward thrusting pipes rising above the sculptured
declaration of Scripture, "I am the Alpha and Omega." Finally, the tonal finishing to suit the
acoustic environment of the church was done by Austin.

Source: Austin Organs, Inc., Methuen, Massachusetts
           Thomas Crumb
           Christ Chapel, Centerville, Massachusetts
           PHOTO: Thomas Crumb

Courtesy of Christ Chapel Courtesy of Christ Chapel

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