34 North Summer Street
Edgartown, Massachusetts 02539

William B. Williams, ca. 1885
Rebuilt by J.W. Steere & Sons Organ Company, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1911
Altered by Ross Abel (Angerstein & Associates), c. 1960

Two manuals and pedal
Slider chests, Mechanical Key and Stop Action
3 divisions, 11 ranks, 11 stops

The original organ came from Sag Harbor, Louisiana and had only one manual and pedal. This organ was rebuilt and moved by Steere 1911. Projecting console, drawknobs and straight stepped-jambs.

Charles F. Chadwick appeared in the 1892-93 Taunton city directories as the proprietor of the City Square Steam Laundry on Broadway. In June 1897 Charles F. Chadwick returned to Vineyard Haven briefly as a traveling piano and organ tuner. (Orders were left for him at his father's store.) In June 1905 it was reported that Matthew Chadwick and his wife were summering in Vineyard Haven, and that Mrs. Charles Chadwick was moving from Reading to Springfield, but maintained a summer cottage in Vineyard Haven. About 1906 he began work as a general sales manager for J. W. Steere and Son Organ Co., and was elected president of the company in 1912. He continued to visit the island, installing a new pipe organ in St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in 1912. 1924, 1927, and 1929 articles list his residence as Springfield.

Chadwick died in Nova Scotia at the age of 73. His obituary notes, "A musician, he was the prime organizer of the Vineyard Haven Band, which he led for years. Known as an organ expert by churches and colleges over a wide area, Mr. Chadwick had in recent years devoted himself to the business of tuning and repairing organs. He was the builder of the municipal auditorium organ in Springfield. Mr. Chadwick was in the employ of the J. W. Steere and Son Organ Co., for more than twenty years. Late in his career with the company he became president and was active as its head until fire destroyed the building, after which the company was dissolved."

Source: Peter Boak
           Historical Records of Tisbury, Massachusetts
           Organ Historical Society, Richmond, Virginia
           Organs of the United States and Canada Database