Route 39 and Route 124
Harwich, Massachusetts 02645


George S. Hutchings, Boston, Massachusetts, Opus 253, 1892
Originally built for All Souls Universal Church, Worcester, Massachusetts
Moved by the Organ Clearing House
Rebuilt by Philip A. Beaudry Company, Somerville, Massachusetts, 1974
Maintained by Andover Organ Company, Methuen, Massachusetts

Two manuals and pedal
Slider chests, Mechanical Key and Stop Action
3 divisions, 23 ranks

Organ Specifications


8' Principal
8' Gedeckt
4' Octave
4' Ring Flute
2' Fifteenth
Mixture III


8' Spire Flute
8' Celeste
4' Flute
2' Principal
Sesquialtera III
8' Oboe


16' Subbass


Swell to Great
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal

The case is an authentic (circa 1840) case by George Stevens of Boston, Massachusetts.
Relocated by Organ Clearing House from All Souls Universalist, Worcester, Massachusetts. The organ had been in storage in Boylston, Massachusetts through the Organ Clearing House. A new case was constructed by Bozeman-Gibson of Lowell, Massachusetts. Significant tonal changes were made.

Estey Organ Company Brattleboro, Vermont, Opus 664, 1909

Two manuals and pedal

The Estey organ was removed in 1974.

Wm. B.D. Simmons, Boston, Massachusetts, 1877

Mechanical Key and Stop Action

The Simmons organ was removed in 1909.

Source: Philip A. Beaudry Company, Somerville, Massachusetts
           First Congregational Church, Harwich, Massachusetts
           Organ Historical Society, Richmond, Virginia