Summer Street Church
1 Summer Street
Nantucket, Massachusetts 02554


Skinner Organ Company, Boston, Massachusetts, 1921

J.W. Steere & Son Organ Company, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1912

Two manuals and pedal
Mechanical Key and Stop Action
3 divisions, 8 stops, 8 ranks

Projecting console with drawknobs and straight stepped jambs. Church is now closed.

E. & G.G. Hook, Boston, Massachusetts, Opus 120, 1851

One manual and pedal
Mechanical Key and Stop Action
2 divisions, 12 ranks, 12 stops

Recessed console with drawknobs and case sides were flat. This organ was removed in 1912.

Source: Organ Historical Society, Richmond, Virginia
           Organs of the United States and Canada Database (OUSCDB), Seattle, Washington