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Courtesy of St. Peter's Episcopal Church; © St. Peter's Episcopal Church Casavant Frères Limited
St. Hyancinthe, Quebec, Canada, Opus 3618, 1986

Two manuals and pedal
Mechanical Key and Stop Action
3 divisions, 10 stops

Organ Specifications

Manual I

8' Principal 56 pipes
8’ Chimney flute 56 pipes
4’ Octave 56 pipes
Mixture IV-V 250 pipes

15 ranks, no swell box
Tremolo Couplers
Manual I to Pedal
Manual II to Pedal
Manual II to Manual I

Manual II

8' Stopped flute 44 pipes
(1-12 from No 2)
4' Spindle flute 56 pipes
2' Super octave 56 pipes
Cornet (TC) III 132 pipes
16' Pedal Bourdon 32 pipes

Projecting console with drawknobs and flat on case sides.

Source: Organs of the United States and Canada Database (OUSCDB), Seattle, Washington
           St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Osterville, Massachusetts