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Bedient Pipe Organ Company Roca, Nebraska, Opus 42, 1994

One manual with permanently coupled pedal (no independent pedal stops)
Slider Chests, Mechanical Key and Stop Action
1 division, 3 ranks, 3 stops
Manual compass: 56 notes (C to g3)
Pedal compass: 30 notes (C to f1)

Organ Specifications

8' Gedeckt
4' Rohrflute
2' Praestant

Self contained within a free standing white oak case with carved red gum pipeshades. Projecting console with drawknobs, straight stepped jambs and flat pedalboard. This organ is part of Bedient’s Legacy Line. The Boston is one of eight lines of small organs designed and offered as an economical choice for customers.

Bedient’s Boston provides the flexibility required for Sunday worship, weddings and funerals or as a continuo organ. Because of its full sound this small organ will fill even a large nave or sanctuary with beautiful organ music. The traditionally inspired organ case, built of select hardwoods hand picked by in-house artisans, will draw people in to take a closer look. The handmade organ pipes will be custom voiced in your space to insure that your organ will sound its best. Bedient’s Boston is remarkable in all ways.

About the Boston...Standing 88” tall and 46 1/2” wide this instrument requires minimal floor space which makes it an exceptional choice for chapels or private homes. Eighteen to twenty-four inches should be provided behind the organ for service access and approximately 30” of space is recommended in front of the case for the pedalboard and organ bench. An optional sturdy platform on casters may be provided so this instrument can be easily rolled from one location to another.

The Boston’s 56/30 key compass is designed to accommodate its straight, flat pedalboard that is permanently coupled to the manual keyboard. A quiet electric blower is located within the organ case. The display pipes are part of the Praestant 2 stop with the center pipe of the facade embossed in a diamond pattern and the mouths of the facade pipes gilded with 23-carat gold leaf. The Boston organ is supplied with custom hand-carved pipe shades.

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