159 Main Street
Sandwich, Boston, Massachusetts 02563-2283

Hook & Hastings
Boston, Massachusetts, Opus 2416, 1919
Tonally revised & enlarged by
Andover Organ Company
Methuen, Boston, Massachusetts, 1975

Two manuals and pedal
Slider chests
Mechanical Key and Stop Action
3 divisions, 11 ranks, 8 stops

Organ Specifications


8' Open Flute
4' Principal
Mixture III


16' Sub-Bass


8' Gedeckt
4' Flute Harmonic
2' Principal
Sesquialtera II


Swell to Pedal 8'
Great to Pedal 8'
Swell to Great 8'
Swell to Great 4'

Courtesy of David Nygard;  David Nygard

Recessed console with drawknobs and case is flat on both sides.

Source: Organ Historical Society, Richmond, Virginia
           David Nygard
           Organs of the United States and Canada Database (OUSCDB), Seattle, Washington
           St. John's Episcopal Church, Sandwich, Massachusetts