216 Main Street
South Dennis, Massachusetts 02660-1454

Courtesy of South Dennis Congregational Church;  South Dennis Congregational Church

John Snetzler, London, England, 1762
Pedal board added in late 18th or early 19th
century and altered and moved to South
Dennis by unknown American builder, c. 1854
Partially restored by Andover Organ Company
Methuen, Massachusetts, 1959
Further restoration by Andover Organ Company Methuen, Massachusetts, Opus 166, 1975

One manual
Mechanical Key and Stop Action
Manual compass: GGG-e (57 notes)
1 division, 11 ranks, 9 stops

Organ Specifications


8' Open Diapason
8' Dulciana
8' Stopped Diapason
4' Principal Treble
4' Principal Bass
4' Flute
2 2/3' Twelfth
2' Fifteenth
*Cornet III (1975)
*Sesquialtera III (1975)
*8' Trumpet (1975)
*4' Clarion (1975)


No pipes:
13 keys from GGG to GG#,
lacking GGG#,
permanently coupled
to the manual

Courtesy of Cape Cod Chapter, American Guild of Organists;  Cape Cod Chapter, American Guild of Organists

This instrument shipped from England to Cape Cod in 1854 is in use in the "Captain's Church" (South Dennis Congregational Church) on Cape Cod. It may have been located at the DeBleis Concert Hall, Boston, Massachusetts prior to its relocation to the church, according to John T. Fesperman, Jr. (former Professor of Organ, New England Conservatory, Boston, Massachusetts). It has pull down pedals. Simple cabinet case. It is located in the right front corner of the colonial building. Console is recessed with drawknobs and the case is flat on both sides. In 1975, this contract was with C.B. Fisk, Inc. at the time of the company split and work was subcontracted back to Andover Organ Company. Tonal work was done by Charles Fisk himself. * NEW pipes made by N.P. Mander Limited, London, England and are copies of other Snetzler pipes. Voiced and installed by Andover Organ Company.

Source: Andover Organ Company, Methuen, Massachusetts
           South Dennis Congregational Church, South Dennis, Massachusetts
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